3-Pack Thin Bottom Flow Cells

Categories: Microfluidic devices  / MFBB 
Manufacturer: Micronit
Reference: FC_FLC50.3_PACK


Dimensions: 45 mm x 15 mm
Internal volume: 1.0 µl, 2.8 µl and 1.9 µl

These thin bottom flowcells are ideal for experiments such as cell, particle or DNA imaging. The thin 145 micrometer bottom plate making it suitable for confocal microscopy. Pack of 3 chips.

- If you use the Fluidic Connect 4515 Chip holder it is recommended to use fused silica connections (FC_FS_KIT) with nanoport ferrules in combination with the thin bottom chips.

Inlet/outlet hole sizes on top of the chip 1.70 mm
Inlet/outlet holes size at channel 0.60 mm
Optical properties Optical clear view from all sides
Supplied in Fluidic slide? Yes
Material chip Borosilicate
Material fluidic slide Polypropylene


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7521 PV Enschede Netherlands
 +31 53 850 6 850

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