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There is a clear need for microfluidics-based devices in life science applications (pharmaceutical, personalized medicine) and other areas (environmental, analytical and agro-food).
The main reason is a lack of standards/standardization. That’s why the Microfluidic Consortium, a group of stakeholders in Microfluidics from across Europe and the USA investigating the state-of-the-art, recent applications and market dynamics recently, concluded that “general adoption of microfluidics will only be possible with an agreement on standardized interconnects between chips and systems.


Makefluidics.com is part of the MicroFluidics Manufacturing project, a European initiative for the standardization and manufacturability of complex microfluidic devices.
This platform is dedicated to the successful manufacturing of microfluidic devices and projects by listing products and services from companies available to subcontract some or all the required steps. It also support TRL levels and compliance assessment based on the ongoing microfluidics standards and related design guidelines.